Report a Grievance about OA


Any student having a grievance related to the determination of and/or provision of disability-related services and accommodations through the Office of Accessibility at UNC Asheville is entitled to a prompt and equitable resolution of their complaint.


Students who believe they have been subjected to discrimination or treated unfairly must follow the established procedure listed below.

Email a description of the incident to Heather L. Lindkvist, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Institutional Integrity and Access
ADA Coordinator, at The complaint must be filed within 10 class days of the incident.

The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Institutional Integrity and Access ADA Coordinator shall determine the appropriate administrative review for the complaint, including, but not limited to: Faculty Conciliator, Dean Committee, or Enrollment Services Committee. If the Assistant Vice Chancellor decides that a review is not warranted, they will contact all involved parties in writing, informing them of a decision and the reasons.

If deemed necessary, the appropriate committee will convene in a timely manner (within 15 class days) and review the student’s complaint. Complaints will generally, but not always be resolved in this timeframe. If the complaint is not resolved in this time frame, the complainant will be kept informed of when they might be resolved and the reasons for the delay. A summary of the panel’s finding will be forwarded to all panel members and the student, informing them of the decision.

Most grievances and complaints can be resolved through this process. To register complaints regarding the results of this process, students may contact the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. More information regarding this process can be found on the OCR Website  or through How To File a Discrimination Complaint.