Personal Care Attendant

A Personal Care Attendant (PCA) is a person who provides personal care assistance to a person with a disability. The PCA assists with daily living activities such as transportation, turning pages, dressing, mobility, bathing, etc. PCA’s are not to provide instructional support such as tutoring, assisting with time management, or academic planning. In order for a PCA to accompany a student into the classroom, the student must request in writing and receive approval for this accommodation from the Office of Academic Accessibility (OAA).


The University does not provide PCA’s, individually prescribed devices, readers for personal use or study, or other devices or services of a personal nature.  While hiring and supervising a PCA is the responsibility of the student, if requested, the OAA can provide referral information for students seeking to hire one. We strongly recommend that personal attendants be trained and certified. Requesting such services from an untrained individual can be a safety threat to both the student and the individual providing the service(s). UNC Asheville does not assume the liability of risk resulting from actions taken by a PCA.

Personal Care Attendants are expected to abide by all applicable campus rules, regulations and policies. Failure to do so or behaviors that fundamentally alter courses, programs, services, or activities may result in the removal of the PCA from the setting and/or campus.


Students requesting the accommodation of a personal care attendant or device should make an appointment with the Office of Academic Accessibility. PCA’s should not accompany students to classrooms without having received prior approval through the OAA. PCA requests for campus housing should be made to the OAA prior to the deadline for housing applications and all required documentation should be on file no later than that same date.

Any PCA accompanying a student into the classroom or performing PCA duties for a resident of the Residence Halls must complete paperwork in the Office of Academic Accessibility and provide information sufficient to complete a background check, in accordance with the University’s Background Check Policy.