Note-taking Services


For a number of students with disabilities simultaneously listening to lectures and taking notes is extremely difficult, if not impossible. In these cases an accommodation such as note-taking may be reasonable to provide equal opportunity and access to course information.


In order for a student to be eligible to receive this accommodation, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The student must be registered with the Office of Academic Accessibility.
  2. The student’s documentation must establish that she/he is eligible for the academic accommodation of alternative note-taking strategies.
  3. Students must attend class to receive notes. The provision of a Note Taker is not a replacement for class attendance.
  4. Students must provide the instructor with a Letter of Accommodation from the Office of Academic Accessibility.

In cases where the criteria to qualify for the provision of a Note Taker are not met, students may employ the following strategies on their own:

  1. Students may use their personal audio recorder to record lecture(s).
  2. Students may utilize a laptop for typing their own notes.
  3. Students may exchange notes with other students in their class so they have a second set for reference.
  4. Students may ask other students in their class for a copy of their notes and to serve as “voluntary” note-takers for them.
  5. Students may ask instructors for a copy of their notes, PowerPoint presentations, overheads, handouts, etc. (if available) prior to class.