Rocky Card Disclosure

Many individuals with communication differences and/or disabilities have reasonable concerns regarding stressful interactions that rely largely on verbal communication. UNC Asheville Campus Police have been working together with the Disabled Student Union, Student Government Association, and the Office of Accessibility to build a comprehensive method of addressing this concern.

Increase current training provided to campus law enforcement:

Campus law enforcement (and other staff members) will receive annual training in a broader range of communication styles (both expressive and receptive.) We will also raise awareness, and encourage acceptance, of nonverbal communication behaviors commonly found in neurodivergent individuals.

Provide a visual method of disclosing a communication disability, or difference based in neuro-atypicality, to campus law enforcement professionals:


Method of Disclosure: A sticker placed on Rocky Card

Procedure for requesting/receiving Rocky Card Disclosure sticker: These stickers may be retrieved at the Academic Success Center during regular office hours. A list of individuals approved for this service will be provided by OA and shared only with campus law enforcement. OA will share the name and student ID of the student eligible to come pick up the card; a full list of students eligible to pick up the Disclosure sticker will not be shared with Academic Success Center.

What information will be shared:

By default, only name and SID will be shared. All other information disclosed will be collected and maintained by OA, protected through FERPA. If the individual would like to disclose additional, relevant information to campus law enforcement, that information will be shared upon request. 

Process of Disclosure for purposes of determining reasonableness of request:

A student who has already disclosed a disability to the OA that results in communication impairment or difference, whether constant or intermittent, may be eligible to request this sticker. Any available documentation may be used to determine the potential need, as well as interview with OA staff.

For those who have not yet disclosed a disability to the OA, a more extensive interview will be done to ensure reasonableness of request. Documentation may be requested at this time.

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