Other Accommodations

Question: Can I Ask Someone to be my Note Taker for a Course?

Yes, if you are eligible to request a note taker, you may ask another student to serve as your note taker. However, that student must be enrolled in the same course (not necessarily the same section). Students are not required to reveal their identity in order to receive note taking services and may request a note taker anonymously. 

Any student interested in serving as a note taker should contact the Office of Academic Accessibility by emailing academicaccess@unca.edu


Question: How Do I Access Notes that Have Been Uploaded by my Note Taker?

When notes have been uploaded by your note taker, you will be notified by via your UNCA email. To view your notes, log into Bulldog Access using your UNCA username and password. Once you are logged into Bulldog Access, select Note Taking Services on the left side of the screen. Your notes should appear on that screen.


Question: I’m a Student Note Taker. Where Can I Go for Information Regarding my Position?

View the Student Note Taker tab for information related to note taking responsibilities.

Question: I’ve been Approved for a Reasonable Attendance Adjustment Plan. What Do I Do Now?

Your next step will be to fill out the RAAP Form with your instructor. You will need to meet with your instructor to discuss essential requirements of the course, the number of expected absences, etc. For more information on attendance adjustment accommodations, please see our Attendance Adjustment page.