Residential Accommodations

Q: What are Residential Accommodations?

Residential accommodations are accommodations and modifications made to university housing for students with disabilities. If you are interested in seeking residential accommodations please fill out a general application and provide documentation.

Residential accommodations only apply to students who are living on campus. Students who live off campus do not need to apply for residential accommodations.


Q: How Do I Request an Emotional Support Animal?

Emotional Support Animals must be approved by the OAA and housing before arriving on campus.  Please visit our Emotional Support Animal page to review the policy and procedure regarding ESAs.


Q: How Do I Request a Single Room?


Some students may find that they require a single room, in a dormitory, due to disability. Students seeking a single room due to disability should fill out an application and submit documentation. If you are seeking a single room due to individual preference, single rooms may be requested through the general room selection process. Please contact the Housing Department at or (828) 251-6700 if you have questions about the general room selection process or single room requests not related to a disability.


Q: I’ve Been Approved for a Residential Accommodation. What Do I Do Now?

If you have been approved for a residential accommodation, you will meet with a OAA staff member to go over the next steps.

If you’ve been approved for an Emotional Support Animal,  you need to meet with your Area Director after meeting with the Office of Academic Accessibility.

If you do not know the identity of your Area Director, or need assistance connecting with them, please contact Dr. Melanie Fox, Associate Dean of Students & Director of Residential Education, or Ms. Tara Hopkins, Assistant Director of Housing.


Q: I Don’t Agree with the OAA’s Decision Regarding my Accommodation Request. What Can I Do?


If a student does not agree with the outcome of their request for accommodations, he/she/they may file a grievance.


Q: My Question isn’t Listed Here. May I Speak with a Staff Member?

Yes! Please email or call (828) 232. 5050

If you would like to schedule a video meeting with a staff member, please make an appointment. When scheduling your appointment, select Office of Academic Accessibility and General Information. All appointments will be held virtually until further notice.