Testing Accommodations

This page provides information regarding testing accommodations, including the description of common testing accommodations, how testing accommodations should be provided, the responsibilities of a faculty member when providing testing accommodations, and the responsibilities of a student when requesting testing accommodations.

Please be aware that the Office of Accessibility is not a Testing Center. Our office has limited space available to proctor exams to students with testing accommodations. The OAA may assist in proctoring exams to students with testing accommodations at the request of the instructor.

Please contact the Office of Accessibility with specific questions or concerns via email at academicaccess@unca.edu or by phone at 828. 232. 5050


Common Testing Accommodations

Extended testing time

A student may be approved for time and a half, (150%) double time, (200%) or double time and a half, (250%) based on individual need. Extended time should be based on the time that all students receive for a particular assessment. For example, if all students receive an hour to take an exam, a student with the accommodation of time and a half would receive an an hour and a half.

Mark directly on test

A student with this accommodation should be able to mark directly on the test. A student with this accommodation would not be required to use a scantron, for example.

Reduced distraction environment

A student should complete an assessment with as few distractions as possible. A student may complete an assessment in a private testing room or in a room with a reduced number of students. The instructor may monitor the environment or the instructor may request that a student complete the assessment with the Office of Accessibility.

Use of a calculator

A student may use a calculator when calculation is not an essential requirement of the course.

Use of a word processor

A student may use a word processor, like Microsoft Word, to type short answer or essay-based responses.


Providing Testing Accommodations

The instructor is responsible for proctoring student exams. If the instructor is unable to provide the requested testing accommodations, they may request that the student take their exam with the Office of Accessibility. The OAA is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 A.M.– 4:00 P.M. Faculty should also complete the Alternative Testing Agreement for each course; this Agreement may be found in the student’s Letter of Accommodation or in the Bulldog Access portal

If testing accommodations are indicated on the Letter of Accommodation, it is the responsibility of the student to consult with the faculty member how specific testing accommodations should be implemented. This initial discussion should also clarify any arrangements for pop quizzes. In the initial discussion, the instructor and student should determine if assessments will be proctored by the instructor or by the Office of Accessibility. An instructor may request that the student provide reminders about the specific testing accommodations granted by the OAA.

Regardless of who is proctoring the test, specific testing accommodations should be requested prior to each individual test or exam at least THREE (3) business days in advance of the scheduled testFIVE (5) business days’ notice is requested for final examinations.

Information Regarding Late Requests

In circumstances where a student does not provide 3-5 business days’ notice, the university will make good faith efforts to provide the appropriate accommodations. If a late request is submitted and the OAA does not have the adequate space, staff, or appropriate testing materials to provide reasonable testing accommodations, both the student and the instructor will be notified by the Office of Accessibility. The instructor, student, and an OAA staff member will collaborate to determine the next steps.

The Office of Accessibility is happy to work with the student and instructor to reschedule an exam. However, students should obtain permission to reschedule their assessment from their instructor– not the OAA.

If an assessment needs to be rescheduled due to a conflict in the schedule of the Office of Accessibility, both the student and instructor will be contacted by an OAA staff member to inquire as to if an alternate date/time can be arranged. Please note that while efforts will be taken to schedule any test on the same day/time as the class, schedule conflicts may result in the need to consider alternative times that overlap the test time provided in the classroom. The instructor will be notified with any schedule change that results in moving a test to a different date altogether.

How to Submit a Testing Request

If the student is requesting testing accommodations to be proctored with the Office of Accessibility, the student should log onto the Bulldog Access Portal and schedule their test using the Alternative Testing tab within My Accommodations tab.  For instructions on how to submit a Testing Request, see our video on How to Submit a Testing Request, Youtube Video, (opens in new window).

This information will allow the Office of Accessibility the time and information necessary to be able to make arrangements to proctor the test.

If at any time the student believes the accommodations being provided during an accommodated test are inappropriate based on their Letter of Accommodation, they have the right and responsibility to request that the test be stopped or delayed until the situation can be resolved. This is the case whether the test is being proctored by the instructor or the Office of Accessibility. The student should contact the staff of the Office of Accessibility immediately to seek any needed clarification or resolution.


Student Responsibilities

  • Meet with course instructor at the start of the semester, or at least three business days prior to the first accommodation request, to discuss arrangements for receiving test accommodations.
  • If the instructor has indicated that testing will occur with the OAA, please submit a Testing Request within three (3) business days of the exam date. To learn how to submit a testing request, follow the steps outlined in the linked video. How to Submit a Testing Request, Video (Opens in new window)
  • If testing in the OAA, please plan to be present 10 minutes prior to the start time of the exam to ensure ample time to get settled in testing area.
  • Contact the OAA directly with any changes in Alternative Test Request at academicaccess@unca.edu 
  • Contact OAA if there is concern regarding testing accommodations either in the classroom or in the OAA.


Faculty Responsibilities

  • Complete the Testing Agreement (found in the Bulldog Access portal) regardless of whether or not you will be proctoring tests within the department.
  • Be available for questions or clarifications during the exam time in the manner indicated on the Testing Agreement.
  • If test will be proctored by the OAA: deliver test at least 24 hours prior to the determined test time; communicate with the OAA regarding any late test provision.