The categories below feature policy information about some of the most common accommodation requests.
If you are searching for information regarding a particular accommodation or policy not listed here, please navigate to our Accommodation Descriptions and Procedures tab.

Role of Accommodations

The Office of Accessibility works, individually, with students with disabilities to identify barriers and provide reasonable accommodations and meaningful access. Learn More

Classroom Accommodations

Students with concerns about how a disability may impact their classroom or curricular experience may find it useful to learn more about Accommodations. Learn More

Testing Accommodations

Students seeking, or using, testing accommodations are encouraged to review the testing accommodation policies and procedures Learn More

Residential Accommodations

Residential accommodations can be made for students residing in campus housing. Emotional Support Animals are considered a residential accommodation. Learn More

Service Animals

A Service Animal is a dog, or miniature horse, that actively performs a task for an individual. A Service Animal must be allowed access to spaces that are open to members of the public. Learn More

Temporary Accommodations

Students seeking temporary accommodations for medical procedures or injuries may be accommodated by the OAA. Learn More