Extended Testing Time

A student may be approved for additional time for tests, exams, and/or quizzes when their disability significantly impacts the student’s ability to complete a test in a standard amount of time. The major life activities affected by the disability may be cognitive, physical, attention/focus, or other. Each request for accommodation is considered individually.

Extended time accommodations should be based on the time that all students receive for a particular assessment. For example, if all students receive an hour to take an exam, a student with the accommodation of time and a half (150%) would receive an an hour and a half.

Students approved for extended testing time should discuss the implementation of this accommodation with each faculty member. If faculty members need assistance providing testing accommodations, they should contact the Office of Academic Accessibility.

To add extended time to a Moodle exam, faculty members should view the Center for Teaching and Learning’s page on extending test time on Moodle. 

Typically, extended testing time would not apply to take-home exams where students have multiple days to complete the assessment.