Dining/Meal Plan Accommodations


It is important to UNC Asheville that students maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. As an integral part of this effort, Dining Services works to nourish students with local and sustainable options to suit most student preferences. In addition to offering consultation with the Universities on-site Registered Dietitian, Dining Services provides the following resources and information to assist students in making good choices:  Where to eat?, Today’s Menu, and FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) Dining Services as well as other resources.

Neither UNC Asheville nor Dining Services are able to accommodate all student preferences or waive meal plans based on food preference(s).  The University and Dining Services will provide reasonable dining services/required meal plan accommodations for students with medically documented food allergies or dietary disabilities registered with the Office of Academic Accessibility when requested.


After reviewing the above information, students should meet with the Universities on-site Registered Dietician (new window) to discuss options available to meet their dietary needs. If after doing so the student would like to request accommodations related to the required meal plan, they should complete an online application (new window). They will be prompted to provide appropriate documentation, as recommended per the OAA Documentation Guidelines

The staff of the Office of Academic Accessibility will be responsible for the review of documentation but will consult with the Dean of Students and other campus professionals as needed.