Degree Requirement Modification


Students are expected to complete all degree requirements for graduation in their major. In accordance with university policy, only under unavoidable and exceptional circumstances will the faculty permit substitution or exemption from the prescribed curricula. The ADA requires that universities offer reasonable accommodation(s) to qualified students; however, it does not require the adjustment of standards that would fundamentally alter degree requirements.


To request a degree requirement modification as a reasonable accommodation for a disability, the following steps are necessary:
  1. Complete the Student Application to request accommodation, and provide current documentation of disability. Documentation should provide a clear connection to the way in which disability substantially limits the student’s ability to complete the course in question. Students already connected with the Office of Accessibility should schedule an appointment to discuss their request. They may be asked to provide additional, or updated, documentation of disability that will support their request for degree requirement modification.
  2. The Office of Accessibility will work with the student to determine what specific documentation is necessary. Note: Providing documentation does not guarantee a substitution.
  3. Students will work with the Office of Accessibility to determine the appropriateness of the substitution request.It is highly recommended that requests for course substitutions be submitted during the student’s first year at UNC Asheville. Factors considered in this determination may include (but are not limited to):
  • A student’s previous history with the course in question. A substitution or exemption in high school does not guarantee a substitution at UNC Asheville.
  • Psychological/learning test results.
  • Other mitigating factors as determined by a staff member of the Office of Accessibility.

4.  The request will then go to the Enrollment Services Committee for review. While the Office of Accessibility will present the student’s case to Enrollment Services, there is no guarantee that the committee will approve a substitution request.

5.    If the request is deemed inappropriate or there is not enough supporting evidence, the student must continue to meet the UNC Asheville requirement. With the help of the Office of Accessibility, a student may attempt to gather new or additional information to support the substitution.

The decision of Enrollment Services is final. Students who wish to submit another request for a substitution must work with the Office of Accessibility and provide new evidence before a second request will be considered.