Audio Recording as Accommodation

This accommodation affirms that the student may record class lecture for personal use only, using “smart pen,” or other personal recording device. Please note that the accommodation to record a class lecture supersedes classroom policy that prohibits audio recordings. This accommodation is not intended to be a substitute for course attendance, and recordings need not be provided for a student if they are not present in class.

With more classes being held over digital platforms (such as Zoom) there are additional avenues to record. As with any class recording, these recordings are for personal use only, and should not be shared with others per FERPA. After the class ends, the instructor will receive an email that states that the cloud recording is available. These emails include links to view the recordings and transcript that will then need to be shared with the student(s) who require this accommodation.

To learn more about how to record lectures, and receive a transcript of the course, instructors should review the directions found in the ITS Knowledge Base: Audio Recording of Zoom Lecture


Faculty members with concerns regarding audio recording in the classroom should contact the Office of Academic Accessibility.